Forward Scratch

The forward scratch is the first scratch where we combine using the cross fader at the same time as using our record control hand.

This technique is a combination of using the drop, together with opening and closing the crossfader.

This scratch involves opening the crossfader and moving the record “forwards” (hence the name), then closing the crossfader whilst you move the record back to the starting position. You do not hear the backward sound.

It does require some co-ordination, so don’t worry if it feels awkward to start with. It does take a little while to get used to. It is a bit like patting your head whilst rubbing your tummy type vibe. With practice, you’re definitely gonna see your technique improve and you’ll make good progress.

Video Timestamps:

  • 00:00 – Intro.
  • 00:48 – Technique Breakdown.
  • 04:03 – Forward over a beat.
  • 05:08 – QnA Practice.
  • 10:03 – Wrap up
  • 10:28 – END.


Scratch Notation

Here is the Scratch Notation for this scratch:

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